Efficiency Post 1

To be a pro seamster, you must be a fast seamster! To be fast, you must be prepared and organized.  


Here's an example of something I have to make all the time.  These are pieces of Rigilene Boning that are capped with muslin squares and are ready to be sewn. You don't really want to pre-cut your boning, because it is always different lengths, it seems.  But, you do want to keep it nearby.  The things that I do pre-cut are the muslin squares. I keep them in a little plastic bowl right by may machine. When it is time to make some sticks of boning, everything is within arms reach.. :)

muslin Blog.jpg

I am not linking to this brand by accident. 

It is the only brand that I use.  It is the absolute best in my opinion. 

For the boning pictured above, I used 1/2 inch.