Products I believe in and use:

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Below, you will find the products that I frequently refer to in my videos. I hope you love them as much as I do! 

Always keep in mind that you are working on what will quite possibly be the most important garment of a bride's life. Always use an abundance of caution with every product you use. Always test on sample fabrics and embellishments before you work on the actual gown. 

If you try one of these links and it is no longer available with that seller that it is linked to, just go up to the search bar and search for the product. It is usually still available through a different seller. If the exact item is no longer available, and you aren’t sure about getting a slightly different product, you can always email me to ask if I’ve used the other kind as well.

Iron/ Steamer

This is the iron/ boiler combo that I use in my shop. I LOVE this iron!! When you see a massive blast of steam in my videos, it is because of this bad boy. 


Grommet Press

This is the press that I use to make corsets. I use size #0, so when you click here to buy, make sure you are purchasing the grommet size that you personally prefer.

Horsehair Braid 

This is the 1 inch wide, nylon trim that adds body to hems and veils. The wider you purchase it, (2in, 4in, etc.) the more body it lends. 

Dreft Spray

Where do I begin? 

I guess I should do a "results may vary" disclaimer, But, GUYS!!! This has saved the day soooo many times. The detergent is clear. I even use it to spot clean silk. It gets almost everything out. See my spot removing vids!!


This also works wonders as a static remover. Just water it down a little and spray between the tulle layers of the underskirt. 

Lily White Sewing Machine Oil

Keep things humming along with this light oil.

Oil Applicator

I love this little applicator. The Tin Man would be thrilled!

There’s a little telescoping applicator in the neck that is shown. It can help you get to hard-to-reach places.


Here is the product that I demonstrate in the silk wash video. Use as directed. I can't say enough about this!

Also in Lavender scent. (My personal fave.)


This stuff really does what it says. I have had many a happy bride bring a gown to me that she bought deeply reduced because of a stray ink mark. Give me 5 minutes alone with this stuff and the ink stain, and the gown is good as new. Watch my video demonstrating it! 

Metal Veil Combs

These are easy to bend and sew through. The bride will be able to pin through the teeth for an extra secure hold.

Wiss Shears

My most commonly used shears are my Wiss 9" or 10" bent scissors. They really last and cut through the finest silks with care. 

Wiss Nippers

I probably own 50 of these. They are strategically placed... everywhere in my studio. 

Juki 5550N

To me, this is the mother of all sewing machines. She is a straight-stitch lock-stitch. She tackles so much for me. Her versatility is where she shines. She can sew through layers of canvas and boning, and then turn around and sew silk chiffon. This is one of my best investments in my business. Please see my video concerning this lovely beast. You also have to get a table and motor, so do your homework on your setup before you buy. But please, make sure to support my endeavors by using this link.

Gutermann Thread 

Lovin this Gutermann all day long...

Tailor's Clapper

This will be your iron's best friend. When you need to set pleats, shape things faster, or more permanently, this is your tool. The dry wood pulls the moisture of the steam out quickly to dry your newly set seam accurately. See my videos for details

Tailor's Ham

Get your Ninja ironing skills on with this ham. Two different ends, and every curved side creates endless soft angles for you to mold your gowns to. Achieve perfect bust and hip angles with this pressing aide.   

Ironing Table

Here is my super sturdy ironing table.  It is padded for pinning and reducing the chance of creases. It gives me a large area in which to work. 

Stitch Witchery

Stabilize the lace with this iron-on wonder so that you can quickly hand sew your applique work down.  

Petersham Ribbon

A traditional millinery must-have, Petersham manages curves like knit, but has the strength of a woven. I use Petersham for inner belts, corset making, and even a sash base.  

Rigilene Boning

I absolutely refuse any other brand.  This is the holy grail of sew-through boning.   This will break your thread less often and has a strength to it that the other brands can only hope to have "when they grow up". I always order in 1/2" and 1/4".  I use probably 4 times as much of the half-inch though.  

Hypo Cement

This is the clear cement that I use to glue my knots. 

You will never have a knot slip out of tie with a strategically placed drop of this. 

Waverly Chalk Paint

For some reason, I can't get the ivory to link here.  Try this link, but then change the product to "Ivory."   For champagne dresses, I use "Cashew."

This is the paint that I use to camouflage my bustle hooks.  You may have also seen me daub this on a stain in the cord of lace.   

Pain Relieving Hand Soak that I loooove...

Soak your hands in this for 15 mins.  Just mix 1/2 cup into 1 gal of warm water. Your hands will feel better.  You can wash your hands and get back to sewing without fear of damaging the gowns. Hand creams can leave greasy stains. 


Here is a link to the pins that I most often use.  I know these aren't silk pins, but these are my personal preference. 

Amazon Business Account

Free options!

I order for Amazon a lot, obviously! Maybe you would like to “up” your convenience by setting up an Amazon business account?

Push Up Pads, Bust Cups

These are sew-in.

I trim the top edge to shape them how I need them to be.

Brides find them to be super breathable.