When is Stitch Witchery Allowed?

There is a lot of back and forth about when Stitch Witchery is allowed to be used in bridal. 

     I feel that there are a few different ways to look at the use of this product.  First, I will explain what is flat-out wrong.  A bridal seamster should never use Stitch Witchery 100% in place of sewing. For instance, if you have lace appliqué that needs to be attached down the side of a gown,  you cannot just glue it down with the fusible tape and call it a day.  When she dry cleans the gown, the lace will fall off. It is also not heirloom quality work.

     Now, I'll share with you how I feel that it can be used correctly.  I use it as a stabilizer to shape and hold the appliqué while I hand stitch.  You can get by with slightly fewer stitches with this method, but you need to make sure the stitching is adequate. I also clear the use of fusible adhesive with my bride before using it.  I explain to them that it will cost a little less if we use it, because the hand sewing will go faster. 

Below, you will find the latest video where I demonstrate the use of stitch witchery as a stabilizer and also hand sewing.  Below that, you will find a purchse link if you are looking to try some. 


Here's the product on Amazon.  It is super cheap and handy! I usually buy a larger roll than what this links to, but it's the same idea! 

I hope this has helped!