tailor's clapper

The Tailor's Clapper

To really get a long lasting crease, pleat, or flat spot, we often use steam and pressure. The steam, of course, is made of water.  The water can take a bit to evaporate.  Your press job isn't fully set until the fabric is dry and cool. How do you speed this along in a busy sewing shop? 


Enter: The Tailor's Clapper!

The Tailor's Clapper works because it is suuuper dry, thirsty wood.  Wood, as you know is a poor conductor of heat, so it cools fairly quickly.  Couple that with the thirsty trait, and you have yourself a winning combination for setting your press job quickly.  Use pressure and patience with this tool and it will reward you with the crispest pleats in town! 

One video of mine that shows the clapper being used for shaping bust pads is found here

Here is another video where I use the clapper to set pleats:


To purchase one, see my products page on this website. They pretty much last forever.  Just keep it clean and dry.  Definitely keep it away from oils. 

I hope this helped you! :)